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Logtalk project-specific settings

Post by Paulo Moura » Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:08 pm


Some of you requested a simple solution for using project-specific settings without being forced to edit the back-end Prolog compiler config files. The current Logtalk development release (r4744) adds experimental support for defining Logtalk startup directory specific settings. The definition of per project settings is straightforward. Simply define a "settings.pl" file in the project directory containing clauses for the logtalk_load/2 predicate. For example:

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logtalk_flag(altdirs, on).
logtalk_flag(smart_compilation, on).
logtalk_flag(xmldocs, off).
logtalk_flag(threads, off).
logtalk_flag(report, warnings).
logtalk_flag(startup_message, flags(compact)).
Starting Logtalk from the project directory activates the above settings, overriding the default values defined in the back-end Prolog compiler config files. On Windows, you will need to make a copy the integration shortcuts and edit it to set the "start in" directory to the project directory. Not all back-end Prolog compilers are currently supported. See the release notes for details. Your feedback is appreciated.
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Re: Logtalk project-specific settings

Post by Parker » Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:39 pm

This has changed slightly. See http://logtalk.org/manuals/userman/inst ... g_settings


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