F-Logic Vs. Logtalk

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Stefano Bromuri
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F-Logic Vs. Logtalk

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Hello to everybody,

I am a PhD student and I work on Multi agent systems. In the project I am working on, I discovered that Logtalk could be very useful.
The question that I have is theoretical: as every object oriented language, we could specify formally a program in logtalk using F-Logic (Frame Logic). F-Logic seems to be very related to Logtalk, although, as far as I understand, Logtalk has been developed taking into consideration smalltalk and not F-Logic.
If I knew that Logtalk is related with F-Logic, I could write my papers using F-Logic and grounding it with Logtalk in the implementation part :D .

Is there anyone that made similar speculations ?

Paulo Moura
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Re: F-Logic Vs. Logtalk

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Hi Stefano,

welcome to the Logtalk discussion forums. Two Logtalk features that might be useful when developing multi-agent systems are the support for event-driven programming and multi-threading programming. This, of course, have a little to do with formal specifications of agents (you are the first user asking for Logtalk + F-Logic). In the General > Porting Prolog applications forum you will find some posts of other Logtalk users also working with agent system applications. Can you give us a specific example of a F-Logic bit that you would like to implement in Logtalk?


Paulo Moura
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