Logtalk 2.37.4 released

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Logtalk 2.37.4 released

Post by Paulo Moura » Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:27 pm


Logtalk 2.37.4 is now available for downloading. This release features minor bug fixes, small performance and usability improvements, plus compatibility updates for B-Prolog, ECLiPSe, Qu-Prolog, and SICStus Prolog.

Upgrading from previous release:

* See the "UPGRADING.txt" file and the detailed release notes below for more details.

Known compatibility issues:

* YAP: multi-threading support is currently broken. No timeframe for fixing the current bugs. Use YAP single-threaded version until the bugs are fixed.
* XSB : some bugs in multi-threading support prevent some thread examples from running.
* SICStus Prolog: no support for the new settings files feature.
* CxProlog: a bug in the Windows version prevents Logtalk from loading files using library notation (fixed in the CxProlog 0.97.4-dev version).

Detailed release notes:

* Updated the Logtalk compiler to expand calls to the forall/2 and once/1 built-in predicates in order to improve performance.

* Corrected a bug in the Logtalk compiler that resulted in some calls to the built-in predicate call/1 being transparent to cuts in its goal argument.

* Updated the Logtalk runtime to try to detect and warn about incompatible back-end Prolog compiler versions.

* Updated the Logtalk runtime to avoid spurious type errors when working with parametric objects using ECLiPSe due to the weak ISO Prolog standard compliance of this compiler.

* Added two new commands to the Logtalk built-in debugger for writing the current goal as a quoted term and for removing context spy points at leashed ports.

* Added a logtalk_library_path/2 entry for the library "home" (the user home directory) when running on POSIX operating-systems.

* The library object "pairs" in now loaded by the "types_loader.lgt" loader file.

* Updated the Qu-Prolog integration script in order to set the choice point stack to 256KB in order to support loading larger Logtalk applications. Updated the Qu-Prolog config file in order to set the default value of the "tmpdir" to '.lgt_tmp/'.

* Updated the B-Prolog and SICStus Prolog config files in order to set the default value of the "tmpdir" depending on the operating-system by checking for a POSIX-only default environment variable.

* Added missing reference to the "settings.lgt" file to the spec file used for building the Logtalk RPM installer.

* Modified the scripts used to generate the PDF versions of the User and Reference manuals to use a local catalog file for the XHTML DTD files.

Happy logtalking!

Paulo Moura
Logtalk developer

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