Logtalk 2.37.5 released

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Logtalk 2.37.5 released

Post by Paulo Moura » Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:17 pm


Logtalk 2.37.5 is now available for downloading. This release features improved multi-threading support, several bug fixes, small performance improvements, snippets and tools support for the Gedit text editor, revamped GeSHi support, and includes installer support for adding the Logtalk mime-type to Linux and Windows systems.

Upgrading from previous release:

* See the "UPGRADING.txt" file and the detailed release notes below for more details.

Known compatibility issues:

* YAP: multi-threading support is currently broken. No timeframe for fixing the current bugs. Use YAP single-threaded version until the bugs are fixed.
* XSB : some bugs in multi-threading support prevent some thread examples from running.
* SICStus Prolog: no support for the new settings files feature.
* CxProlog: a bug in the Windows version prevents Logtalk from loading files using library notation (fixed in the CxProlog 0.97.4-dev version).

Detailed release notes:

* Updated the Logtalk multi-threading features, replacing all calls to the call_cleanup/2 built-in predicate with calls to the more reliable setup_call_cleanup/3 built-in predicate. This change requires recent versions of SWI-Prolog, XSB, and YAP when writing multi-threading code.

* Improved performance of the database built-in methods retractall/1 and retract/1 whenever their use requires updating the internal predicate definition lookup tables.

* Corrected a bug in the Logtalk runtime when printing a compatibility warning regarding the back-end Prolog compiler version being used.

* Corrected a bug in the implementation of the :/1 control construct when some but not all imported categories are compiled for static binding.

* Corrected a event handling bug in the processing of meta-calls whose meta-arguments have the format Object::Closure.

* Corrected a bug in the runtime error handler for top-level message sending calls where the reported exception term context argument would be unbound.

* Corrected a bug in the compilation of multifile directives and multifile predicate clauses within objects and categories for the pseudo-object "user". Corrected a bug in the compilation of multifile predicate clauses for other objects and categories.

* Corrected a safety meta-predicate compilation bug when using static binding to optimize a call to a local meta-predicate made by a normal, public predicate.

* Corrected a safety meta-predicate compilation bug when using a meta-predicate call in the body of a user-defined meta-predicate clause in order to change the number of extra arguments of a closure.

* Added a monitor/1 predicate to the library event registry objects. Updated the definition of the monitors/1 and monitored/1 predicates in order to avoid using the non-standard predicate sort/2.

* Added support for adding the Logtalk mime-type to systems supporting the freedesktop.org shared mime-info database.

* Added support for adding the Logtalk mime-type and the file description for Logtalk source files to the Windows installer.

* Updated the RPM spec file and build script to no longer require root access. The RPM package built from these files is no longer relocatable.

* Updated the POSIX (un)install shell scripts to print the version number of the Logtalk release being (un)installed.

* Updated the "lgt2pdf.sh" and "lgt2txt.sh" POSIX shell scripts in order to prevent accidental deletion of the "logtal.dtd" and "logtalk.xsd" files in the Logtalk installation directory. Thanks to Michael Igler for the bug report.

* Added information about using the Sublime Text Windows text editor for editing Logtalk source files.

* Added a set of Logtalk source code snippets and a set of compilation and documenting tools for the Gnome's Gedit text editor (see the file "wenv/gedit/NOTES.txt" for details).

* Replaced GeSHi support with a new language file written from scratch.

* Added syntax coloring support for the module directive reexport/1 to all supported text editors and syntax highlighters.

* Updated documentation in order to remove references to deprecated syntax for sequences of predicate indicators in predicate directives. Updated documentation on built-in meta-predicates to correctly described their semantics when used within categories.

* Added a simple example, "multifile", illustrating how to use multifile predicates within Logtalk objects and categories.

* Updated the "securemp" example in order to illustrate using a call to a meta-predicate to change the number of extra arguments of a closure.

Happy logtalking!

Paulo Moura
Logtalk developer

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