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Logtalk 2.38.0 released

Post by Paulo Moura » Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:19 am


Logtalk 2.38.0 is now available for downloading. This release features support for lambda expressions, support for using the set_logtalk_flag/2 within entities, improved <</2 control construct, improved unit testing support, some bug fixes, small performance improvements, fixes syntax coloring issues with Pygments and SubEthaEdit, and includes compatibility updates for ECLiPSe, GNU Prolog, SICStus Prolog, SWI-Prolog, XSB, and YAP.

Upgrading from previous release:

* See the "UPGRADING.txt" file and the detailed release notes below for more details.

Known compatibility issues:

* YAP: multi-threading support is currently broken. No timeframe for fixing the current bugs. Use YAP single-threaded version until the bugs are fixed.
* XSB : some bugs in multi-threading support prevent some thread examples from running.
* CxProlog: a bug in the Windows version prevents Logtalk from loading files using library notation (fixed in the CxProlog 0.97.4-dev version).

Detailed release notes:

* Added lambda expression support. Added an example, "lambdas", illustrating the use of lambda expressions.

* Added a new compiler flag, "clean", for cleaning the intermediate Prolog files generated when compiling Logtalk source files.

* Simplified representation of the runtime execution context using a simple list resulting in a small performance increase for some back-end Prolog compilers such as B-Prolog.

* Added support for using the set_logtalk_flag/2 directive within Logtalk entities. This allows e.g. easy setting of entity properties such as "events" when creating new entities using the entity creation built-in predicates. Updated documentation on the set_logtalk_flag/2 directive and the set_logtalk_flag/2 built-in predicate exceptions.

* Added support for runtime instantiation of the <</2 control construct arguments.

* Added support for specifying multiple initialization/1 directives when using the create_object/4, create_category/4, and create_protocol/3 built-in predicates.

* Corrected a bug where some entity properties would not be set when using the create_object/4, create_category/4, and create_protocol/3 built-in predicates.

* Corrected a bug (introduced in version 2.37.4) when simplifying calls to the {}/1 external call control construct with a variable argument.

* Updated the Logtalk compiler to workaround file path problems with back-end Prolog compilers (e.g. SICStus Prolog) where calls to the open/3-4 built-in predicate are not always relative to the current working directory.

* Improved Logtalk runtime error handler when using SWI-Prolog as the back-end compiler.

* Updated the ECLiPSe, SICStus Prolog, SWI-Prolog, and YAP config files in order to detect discontiguous predicate clause warnings and update the Logtalk warnings counter accordingly.

* Corrected a bug in the ECLiPSe config files in the definition of the predicate '$lgt_current_time'/3 where the number of seconds would be returned as a float instead of as an integer.

* Updated the SICStus Prolog config files in order to support settings files. Updated the SICStus Prolog 4.x config file in order to use the new "version_data" flag and recognize the new do/2 meta-predicate added in version 4.1.

* Updated the GNU Prolog config file to make use of the new "version_data" flag in the forthcoming 1.3.2 version.

* Updated the SWI-Prolog config file in order to ensure that the predicate '$lgt_expand_path'/2 returns full paths.

* Updated the library support for unit testing in order to allow per-test setup and cleanup goals and to provide timing, testing file information, and statistics on passed and failed tests. Updated the "testing" example for the changes to the unit test support.

* Updated the Logtalk Windows installer in order to detect the new SICStus Prolog 4.1 version. If both 4.0.x and 4.1.x versions are installed, the installer creates a shortcut for using version 4.1.x as the back-end Prolog compiler.

* Updated the Logtalk Windows installer in order to detect both XSB single-threaded and multi-threaded versions and to no longer create integration shortcuts for XSB versions older than 3.2.

* Corrected a possible data loss bug when using the Debian and MacOS X installers where some third-party mime-type associations might be lost when adding the Logtalk mime-type to the Shared MIME-info Database.

* Corrected a harmless syntax error in the Logtalk POSIX install shell script when the "update-mime-database" command is not available.

* Added a Logtalk version of the "Closed Knight's Tour" SWI-Prolog CLP(FD) example written by Markus Triska.

* Added a analyse_text() function to the Pygments syntax highlighter.

* Updated the Logtalk mode for the SubEthaEdit text editor 3.5.x version with the help of Martin Pittenauer.

* Added some missing cases to the Logtalk source file used for testing syntax highlight support.

Happy logtalking!

Paulo Moura
Logtalk developer

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