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Logtalk 3.8.0 Stable

Post by Paulo Moura » Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:23 am


Logtalk 3.8.0 is now available for downloading at:


This release is sponsored by Kyndi, Inc. and includes numerous additions, improvements, and fixes to the compiler, runtime, library, documentation, developer tools, tests, examples, and coding support. Highlights:

* Compiler and runtime:

- Improvements to the reflection API.
- Fixes for the message printing support.
- Changes to compiler warning and error output for better integration with tools.

* Library

- New Java integration library for selected backend compilers.
- Fixes for some library entities.
- Portability fixes for SWI-Prolog and XSB.

* Tools

- New "dead_code_scanner" tool for detecting likely dead code in Logtalk entities and in Prolog modules compiled as objects. Also detects unused predicates (and non-terminals) listed in uses/2 and use_module/2 directives.

- New "logtalk_doclet" script for automating running doclets found in a directory and recursively in its sub-directories.

- Improvements and fixes for the debugger, diagrams, lgtunit, and doclet tools.

- Improvements to the logtalk_tester script.

* Tests

- 398 unit tests added, notably for testing the developer tools.

* Examples

- New "laptops" example illustrating object-based composition for contrast with category-based composition.

* Coding

- Extended support for the Atom text editor allowing compiling files, scanning for dead code, and generating documentation within the editor.

- Extended support for the Sublime Text editor provides build and REPL features.

- Improved ctags support.

- Default ignore files for Git, Mercurial, and Perforce.

For details and a complete list of changes, please consult the release notes at:

https://github.com/LogtalkDotOrg/logtal ... E_NOTES.md

Happy logtalking!
Paulo Moura
Logtalk developer

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