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Logtalk 3.15.0 Stable

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:07 am
by Paulo Moura

Logtalk 3.15.0 is now available for downloading at:

Logtalk 3.15.0 is now available for downloading. This release improves runtime performance when using static binding; features new and improved compiler lint checks for duplicated directives; adds embedding helper scripts for selected backend compilers; adds new type definitions; adds new utility predicates for unit testing; improves support for QuickCheck; adds support for URL links in code coverage reports; adds support for predicate cross-referencing diagrams with URL links from predicate relations; includes new and updated code metrics, notably a new version of the coupling metric; allows calling a user-defined goal per test set when automating tests; allows automatically running tests when using the make tool; includes new and improved tests for Prolog standards compliance and Logtalk tools and libraries; provides portability updates for CxProlog, ECLiPSe, GNU Prolog, JIProlog, Lean Prolog, Quintus Prolog, SICStus Prolog, and XSB; plus other improvements and fixes to the documentation, compiler, library, tools, examples, and installers. For details and a complete list of changes, please consult the release notes at: ...

Happy logtalking!