Specifying and enforcing type constraints on object predicates?

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Specifying and enforcing type constraints on object predicates?

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As a Logtalk newb, I am wondering whether there is way in Logtalk to specify and then enforce type constraints on Logtalk class predicates/features/roles. For example, I may want to specify that the clauses that define the child predicate of any object instantiating the class person are defined in such a way that a query P::child(C) where P is instantiated by an object of the class person, can only return as values for C objects of the class person. Once I specify this constraint I would also want an error to be generated if I try to instantiate an object of the class person with a clause defining the predicate child with a bound argument that is not an instance of person.

This is straightforwardly expressed in the UML, imperative object-oriented programming languages and OWL/Description Logics ontologies. Perhaps the built-in predicates of the hierarchy library provide the building blocks to specify and enforce such constraints. However, given that when creating a new object O of a class C one can always add new clauses providing additional alternative definitions for a given predicate, I am unsure how to specify and enforce a specific type constraint for the argument of a predicate of an object.

Thanks in advance for any idea/insight on this question.

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Re: Specifying and enforcing type constraints on object predicates?

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The library "type" object provides building blocks for type-checking predicate arguments:


Another option, using the type-checking predicates mentioned above, is to use the events and monitors to watch for messages/predicates that you want to type-check:


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